Paul Yi says:

so everyone, spring break....
i say
1. Skiing
2. Cuba
3. DR
4. Phillipinos
5. Bahamas
6. Alaska

Beatriz Martinez says:

1. too cold!
2. ok
3. sure but lets be differet!
4. YES! but expensive?

Melissa Lee says:

1. no
2. yay
3. yay
4. yay
5. yay
6. no

Judy Choi says:

Japan? (can we make a little boat trip to korea if we're there? lol)
as for cuba... are we even allowed to go there legally?... i don't think so.

Thao Truong says:

jamaica is relaxing but not a lot to do at night. so it's basically beaches and excursions (but they can be expensive-o!)
cancun, noooooooo. it's too commercialized.
bahamas is expensive! they have the same exchange rate as us so we'll be spending big bucks if we go there.
the travel channel rated brazil as having the top best beaches.
i wouldn't mind PR

i say we shouldn't focus too much on the location. we should focus on finding deals and vacation packages. i'm always down for saving money! haha

Jillian Burdziak says:

i second thao...let's look for deals / try to keep out of the crazy college kid zone.
i know from my own trip to the DR and from talking to the seniors that the place is pretty cheap compared to many other destinations.  i stayed in the north at my roomie's place and it was really nice.  i would definitely go back.

let's stay on top of this so the opportunity doesn't slip by

lovesssss you all