The Philippine Society of Boston College (PSBC) is a diverse organization that strives to foster Filipino culture on campus. Through various events, PSBC promotes an atmosphere of education, understanding, and most importantly, friendship. Now in our 18th year, we hold the longest standing multi-cultural show, which showcases, in particular, Filipino dances. Through our show, newsletter, and forums, we endeavour to promote awareness of Filipino traditions and history.

PSBC is also an active participant in the Filipino Intercollegiate Networking Dialogue (FIND, Inc.). As a part of District One, PSBC works with nine other schools in the greater Boston area to network Filipino student organizations and promote unity through events like Kamayan and the Fall Dialogue. The club extends membership to all BC students; out "PAMILYA" is open to anyone interested in learning about Filipino culture!


The Philippine Society of Boston College (PSBC) is an organization that celebrates the beauty and richness of the Filipino culture. It fosters community spirit through the meetings as well as the special events it hosts. As a club we adhere to three main objectives: First to strengthen the bonds of our members. Secondly to develop an understanding and appreciation for Filipino and Filipino-American culture. Lastly to network with other Filipino organizations in the greater Boston area. PSBC is a family. It is a culture. It is unity. It is a closeness in which we, the members, truly appreciate as our own. PSBC welcomes anyone and everyone thrives off its diversity. For this reason, we ask you to become part of this experience.